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Are you looking for Indonesian Marble Tiles Supplier and Manufacturer? Then if you are coming to this page, you will read about one of our best selling product, Marble Tiles.

Suitable for various types of residential styles, natural stone is indeed one of the right choices to present an elegant impression on the interior. There are several types of natural stone that are usually the choice, namely: marble, granite, and onyx. These three stones have different characters and patterns.

Marble has a streak pattern and is more porous than granite and onix. This makes susceptible marble has stains when exposed to water or dirt spills. For that, use marble in spaces that are not much activity that uses liquids.

For granite, the stone surface is more solid so it is often used as an option for wet room floors. The granite stone pattern is more grainy so that the impression created is more natural.

While onyx has golden colors with a pattern of strokes like marble. The specialty of Onyx is its translucency so it is often used as a decorative element of the wall rather than being used as a finishing floor. Onyx is also often processed into Onyx furniture, you know.

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Indonesia Natural Stone Mosaic Tile Manufacturer and Supplier

We are Indonesian natural stone mosaic tile manufacturer and supplier. We are located at Tulungagung, Jawa Timur Indonesia. If you are interested with our product you can send us a message through whatsapp to +6289679944552. We will reply your message as soon as possible. You can also visit our office in working days. Please read our Mosaic tile product bellow.

Marble Mosaic Tile Interlock

Mosaic Marble Tile or also known as Marble Mosaic is one of our best selling product for designer choice. Our Marble Mosaic Interlock with each other to create a beautiful seamless stone mosaic. Each stone is firmly bonded to a sturdy wire mesh backing ready for easy placement.

Also remember that each stone in our marble series is hand picked to ensure an exact height that guarantees a smooth and comfortable surface. General Marble and granite provides a high quality control for its production, to create a perfect Interlock Mosaic Marble. It is always our pleasure to bring you only the best natural stone materials for your finishing solutions.

Mosaic Marble tile could be used on any exterior or interior floors or walls, such as kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping, walkways, driveways, pool area, fireplace, counter tops, etc. In some of our project, Interlock Marble Mosaic looks great in bathrooms, showers and kitchens solutions.

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Pebble Mosaic Tile

Pebble Mosaic Tile, consisting of pebbles with the highest quality and incorporating an extensive array of colors and styles. Most of General Marble and Granite Pebble Mosaic products are firmly established as an international best seller, it features our unique patented interlocking system and is available in an extensive range of colors.

As the stones are gathered from various island thoughout Indonesia, all the stones are hand sorted to ensure only the highest quality pebble selected, thus achieving a consistency in size, colour and flatness. Then, the stones are laid into our patented interlocking format to create an easy to install pebble mosaic.

In response to the demand from professional landscapers, General Marble and Granite has produced two series of Pebble Mosaic Interlock, and Tiles. These products should be your first choice for all indoor and outdoor applications.

Pebble Mosaic Irregular ( galets de pierre / kieselstein ) have a distinct attribute to make an attractive feature when used with contrasting colours and materials such as concrete, sandstone and timber. They will enhance any space or environment you choose. Whereas, Pebble Mosaic Irregular Tiles offers an affordable way to introduce the pebble look for areas such as paths, driveways, claddings and courtyards and is also suitable for indoor use. For some applications, a mixture of Pebble Mosaic Irregular Tiles ( galets de pierre / kieselstein ) can be very effective.

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General Marble and Granite promises to provide not only a Natural Advantage experience through our Pebble Mosaic Irregular series, but also high quality products for your interior and exterior solutions. Explore your imagination through the endless beauty of nature.

Hexagon Mosaic Tile

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Indonesian Natural Marble Stone Sink And Basin Manufacturer

We are Indonesian Natural Marble Stone Sink And Basin Manufacturer. Our products are made from natural stone from Indonesia. Done with high detail, resulting in unique products with high artistic value. The surface in the sink and basin is carefully shaped and polished. For river stones and marble, the outer surface of natural stone material is made naturally, so that it shows its natural impression.

Natural stone sinks vary in size. With an estimated diameter of 40 – 60 cm. Making this natural stone sink looks relieved when applied. The design of the hole placement is made based on the direction of water flow and the ease of placement of the faucet at the top. Besides being strong, natural stone sinks have the impression of a natural yet elegant. Natural stone sink that has been finely polished will emit its own beauty, giving the impression of luxury in your bathroom. Natural stone sinks are suitable for home spa use, hotels, cottages, and private homes to add a natural impression. Each stone used to make natural stone sinks has a characteristic that matches the stone.

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